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We are expecting a major announcement tomorrow and imminent changes to the rules around covid restrictions after next Sunday. We know some will be pleased and some will be more nervous. The PCC will be meeting on Tuesday week to discuss this and decide what we should do. We would really like to know the range of views in the congregation so if you can complete the questionnaire that would be really helpful. You can do it on paper and return it next week or during the week or you can do it online with the link which is above and on Facebook. Either way it is anonymous.

As a church we want to restore what we have been missing, but do it in a way which means people feel safe; it is a good Christian principle (from St Paul) that we should take particular note of the more vulnerable and we know the Good Shepherd has a particular concern for the lost and the injured.

We want to make decisions which will mean that church continues to feel safe, even as we can hopefully do more and have more togetherness. Do ask and do let us know what you think. Please pray for us as we make these decisions and we know that whatever is decided will not be the ideal for everyone. Let’s do our best to go forward together, joyfully and carefully.

Many thanks and may God guide us in the process, in the communicating and in the discussion and decision-making.

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